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Experience 3 days exploring the island of Phu Quoc pearls

Summer is the ideal time for excursions in Phu Quoc to relax, explore, revitalizing loaded after days of hard work.

Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang Province, deep in the Gulf of Thailand. It is known as the Pearl of the sea with crystal-clear sea water, peaceful streams and fresh seafood.


You can go to Phu Quoc any season of the year because the weather is quite stable area. However, the best time is October to May the following year. At this time, clear blue sea, sunshine is ideal for moments walk and take pictures.

Before leaving, you should monitor to avoid stormy weather

Transportation by air

Currently the domestic airlines are exploiting flights to Phu Quoc Airport. The one-way trip, taxes not come from HCMC valuable 390,000 VND-1,900,000 VND copper, from Hanoi during 1,345,000 VND  -  5,000, 000 VND.

Moving by car and speedboat

You can get to the island of Phu Quoc in two ways:

HCMC - Ha Tien - Phu Quoc

From HCMC, you start the car to Ha Tien in the western bus station. Fares a turn around 140,000 VND -170,000 VND.

In Ha Tien, you have two choices to Phu Quoc. One is to take a ferry at the dock at 6am or 12pm Thanh Thoi daily. VND 185,000 per fare. After 2 hours the move, you will be at the harbor Da Chong, Bai Thom center of Duong Dong town 20 km.

The second is to start high-speed train station in Ha Tien. After more than an hour, you will stop at the port of Ham Ninh Thoi center of Duong Dong town 15 km. Fares fluctuate around VND 160,000 - VND 230,000 per.

HCMC - Rach Gia - Phu Quoc

In City you to bus station to catch the ride west of Rach Gia. Fares approximately 110000-130000 contract. Runtime 5-7 hours.
From here, you get to the dock Rach Gia to Phu Quoc. Currently there are two shipping companies to exploit this route with adult fares are VND 215, 000 - VND 270,000 one time.

After arriving in the island, you hug or a taxi ride to town.

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Moving in Phu Quoc

Taxis are common in the island so you can call for a move. However, when you want flexibility and cost savings than you can rent a motorbike at Tran Hung Dao Street, Duong Dong town a day at a cost of about 150000-200000 dong a scooter or 100000-150000 contract with the car number . Also you can rent directly at the hotel or resort you are staying.


Phu Quoc is one of the attractions offer a full range of services from camping break, homestay, hotels to luxury resorts. The price of a hotel room average 350,000.


You can visit Phu Quoc in three main directions of north, south and east island. Sites in North Island sanctuary includes North Island natural disasters, Ham Rong Mountain, Ganh Oil, Cua Can, Long beach, streams Stone Flame, Da Ban, poet Nguyen Trung Truc Temple. The island's southern point in Phu Quoc Prison, Tranh stream, Khem beach (beach cream), the kingdom of pepper, fish sauce production of barrels, pearl production base. Dinh Cau east, night markets, Ham Ninh fishing village, museum downstream, Su Muon Pagoda (Hung Long themselves) ...

In addition, it also has other interesting activities you should try the night squid fishing, explore the virgin forest in protected areas or ecological multilingual Ganh oil streams, fish flakes explore Hon, Hon Thom, Nose his team, coral diving.


Herring salad as rustic dishes contribute to enriching the cultural beauty of the island where the sea food.
Specialties you should enjoy the herring salad, crab Ham Ninh, snails baked with salt and chilli, onion grilled scallop fan, grilled squid eggs, baked apricot horn wings, Melaleuca mushroom soup, braised squid sauce, sour cobia, Braised sea fish, crab fried rice. Address some hints as Dinh Cau night market, Duong Dong town center, along 30/4 ...Gifts purchased

In addition to dried seafood, you can buy fish sauce, black pepper, mushrooms Melaleuca as a gift. If traveling by plane and want to buy the sauce, place all goods sent by post.

Schedule refer

Day 1: Saigon - Phu Quoc Lunch - Ham Ninh fishing village - Suoi Tranh - Hung Long Pagoda - Garden pepper - House barrel.

Day 2: Dinh Cau - myrtle liquor production establishments, specialty Phu Quoc - Duong Dong Market - Base cultured pearls - Relic Phu Quoc prison - Bai Sao.

Day 3: Discover freedom - Saigon.

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