Thursday, 31 March 2016

Dishes you should try in Vietnam.

Cơm tấm

Nowhere can say delicious dinner plate as in Saigon. Delicious plate lunch is always enough trilogy consists ribs, packages and rolls. Broken rice is cooked broken rice (broken rice grains, not whole grain). The so-juicy taste of broken rice, mixed with stronger taste of barbecued ribs, accompanied by fried sweet taste of sauce will hold true most discerning guest.

Bánh xèo

There have been many articles about rich cuisine of Vietnam, especially the dish became famous for. In 2013, two well-known writers as Helen Clark cuisine and Karryn Miller had an article posted on the CNN introduce this attractive dish. Pancakes with golden crust, crispy bite with the shrimp, bean sprouts and served with many herbs make up the unique flavor, unforgettable.

To enjoy this dish, many people cut the bread into small pieces of cake district added herbs dipped in spicy sauce, sweet and sour tart extremely attractive.

Bánh mì

Likely, you will be very surprised to learn bread Vietnam is also one of the dishes were foreign tourists praise. This is a burger in combination with some other vegetables, gravy mix, pate, roast pork, mayonnaise, soy. The so-crunchy taste of hot bread, roast taste profile of already spiced, sweet freshness of vegetables make distinctions "Mesmerized" overseas visitors.

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Hủ tiếu

Originating from China, over the years, the Vietnamese noodle is processed to suit the taste of people enjoying Vietnam became one of the dishes "can not miss" for foreign tourists I'm vietnamese.

Made from ingredients available such as pig hearts, fresh shrimp, sliced pork, minced pork, pork bones .... Some regions also have more quail eggs, squid, pork liver ... However, no loss of aroma and flavor medium non-aromatic garlic, anise, cinnamon, onion, ginger, chilli ... make you fat, sour , spicy, salty, sweet enough with cake noodle strands hold feet to enjoy.

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