Thursday, 5 May 2016

Singapore travel

Despite being the smallest country in Southeast Asia, but the Republic of Singapore is still hidden in many cultures their characteristic, unmistakable with the neighboring countries.

Singapore's population is dropping at about 5.1 million people, of which only 64% is a citizen of Singapore, 36% of them are foreigners residing or working here.

Approximately 77% are Chinese, followed by numerous ethnic Malay, Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lanka ... Therefore multicultural convergence should customs and religion also have the opportunity to mix, this also means that you will have to pay more attention to life.

For example, if you invite a Muslim to go home, you certainly have not prepared the dishes made from pork, and also invited them to drink is not a head start! Or the woman of Indian origin tires usually a red dot, while men use white belts. When met, they clasped hands to his chest salute.
Many people believe that the Law of Islam and the regime of Sultan maintained solidarity and attitudes comforts of life of the people of Singapore.

Delicate habits

Not only the country Singapore, as to any other country, you also have to learn in advance about the habit of pointing, the common conception or local custom to "enter the country depending continue".

For example, the user's index finger pointing at others or clenched fist or middle finger in Singapore were considered disrespectful term action. But if the habit clasped hands on the slopes should ... because this restrict synonymous with exasperation.

A routine may have to pay more attention is the use of chopsticks. While eating, you will not be put up on the bowls or chopsticks to dish. For those working in the maritime field, when they will not eat the fish back flip, because it means that capsize. Instead, you can separate the fish bones first and then eat the flesh beneath.

In addition, the same Vietnam, Singapore residents are also some taboos on New Year's Eve as abstaining or breaking furniture cleaning. In particular, they are numbers 7 hydrophobic and always try to avoid this figure.

Famous for cleanliness

Lion Island is famous around the world about the cleanliness. In 2012, this city just behind Tokyo about the cleanliness on the map of the world and this is also the only two cities of Asia made the list. Mentioned here, many people still use the term "city in the forest" or "forest in the city".From small landscape gardens, green swathes view from the aircraft door to the roadside trees are lined covered with a cool blue.
In public places such as theaters, cinema straw, smoking bans are introduced with very severe penalties ($ 500 Sing for those who violate)

Destinations in Singapore

There are many places you should visit: Park sea lion,  Theatre Esplanade, Botanic Gardens and National Orchid Garden, Chinatown (Chinatown) and Little India (Little India), Fountain Fountain Of Wealth, Sentosa Island, Ocean Park, Singapore National Zoo, Night Safari Park, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Art Museum, Water park.....

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